Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease – Symptoms and Foods to avoid


What is GERD?

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) may be described as a condition in which the stomach acid flows back to the tube which connects the mouth and stomach repeatedly. The tube which connects mouth and stomach is called as esophagus.

 Most of the people of mid age suffer from acid reflux but when this acid reflux is experienced on regular basis then this condition is pronounced as GERD.

Most of the people can manage their symptoms of GERD Just by making their lifestyle changes while some of them may need medical help. In very severe cases it is treated by surgery.


Symptoms of GERD

The very common symptom of GERD is heartburn. Heartburn usually happens just after eating and the intensity of the Heartburn may change with a change in body position.

The second most common symptom is chest and upper abdomen pain. Sometimes this is misunderstood as a heart attack.

Dysphagia a condition in which one finds difficulty in swallowing.


Feeling of a lump in throat.

One can experience nausea also.

Foods which may worsen GERD

The worst combination of food that can worsen the symptoms include food having high salt, fat and spices because all these foods slow down the digestive process.

Some of the food which one should avoid to ease the symptoms are as follows

1-Fast foods-most of the fast foods are high in fat and salt which in return causes acidity and make the condition worse.

2-Fatty Meat-Meat having high fat portion are digested slowly and in return end up causing bloating which makes the GERD symptoms more intense.

3-Foods having PH value less than 7 such as citrus fruits-PH value less than 7 indicates that the respective food is acidic in nature which may produce a supportive condition to worsen the symptoms.

4- Dairy Products-Dairy products had a bad name for centuries which are avoided by patients having GERD.

5-Foods having chili powder and pepper.

6-Deep fried foods-As Deep fried foods contains high amount of fat it makes the symptom worse.

Foods which ease the symptoms of GERD

While some foods can make the symptom of GERD Worse on the other hand there are many foods which can ease down the symptom of GERD. Some of the foods are

1-High fibrous foods such as oatmeal whole grains etcetera. 2-Many more watery foods such as watermelon cucumber helps in easing down the symptom of GERD

 3-Alkaline foods are also helpful in easing down the symptoms as the PH of alkaline food is more than 7 which indicates that it is basic in nature and basic food Neutralizes the acid formation and stomach which in return eases down the symptom of GERD

When to see a doctor.

Even after making lifestyle changes and making a change in your food chart if the symptom does not go away one should seek medical help right away. If the symptom is accompanied by severe chest pain which is not local and is spreading throughout the left side of the chest along with arm and jaw Seek medical help right away as it can be a heart attack.

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